Success Stories

Gee Square has been recognised for its work in successfully delivering aid supplies to civilians affected by the conflicts in Libya, Yemen and South Sudan

South Sudan

In March 2016, Gee Square secured contracts from two aid agencies to deliver supplies to South Sudan. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (“FAO”) appointed Gee Square to supply fishing equipment to its operations in Juba. Gee Square's team arranged for 7 containers to be shipped from China to the port of Mombasa in Kenya and it then oversaw the safe transportation of the cargo to the FAO’s warehouses in Juba.

Under the terms of the second contract, which was granted by the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (“UNMISS”), Gee Square was appointed to supply and deliver drilling equipment to the agency’s workers in Juba.

South Sudan

In December 2015 the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (“FAO”) appointed Gee Square to supply 310 tonnes of agricultural fertilizers to farmers in 19 different locations across Yemen. The assignment required Gee Square to enter into negotiations with the authorities in Saudi Arabia and on the ground on Yemen, after which all 6,220 bags of fertilizer were delivered safely to their intended targets. Now we are regular suppliers to FAO Yemen, so far we have supplied 400mtof of agriculture fertilizers and also 43 containers of 1740 FRP ice boxes.


In June 2015 ACTED, the French humanitarian NGO, commissioned Gee Square to deliver health hygiene kits to the Marsa Al Brega region in Libya. Despite facing extremely challenging conditions, including the lack of any active port facilities, the team successfully completed its operation and delivered vital supplies and services to thousands of families.