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About the Company

Gee Square Holdings SRL is a supplies and logistics company that provides goods, services and industrial solutions to a wide range of organisations including international relief agencies and engineering companies. The company is headquartered in Italy and has its offices in Egypt, Dubai, UK and India. Gee Square was founded in March 2015 and it is owned by Essel Group ME (“EGME”).

Essel Group ME (“EGME”) operates subsidiary businesses in the natural resources, nuclear-based energy, financial services, media production, international trading, and education sectors. Its natural resources portfolio includes oil and gas, potash and iron ore assets. EGME pursues growth through the acquisition of underdeveloped assets at competitive valuations. Currently, its anchor assets are located across Africa, where there is significant potential and a competitive cost environment.

EGME is a part of Essel Group, the Indian multinational conglomerate operating in a broad spectrum of industries including media, packaging, infrastructure and technology. Building on Essel Group’s 90year history of developing and promoting businesses, EGME is leading the expansion of the Group’s presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Key Milestone

  1. March 2015

    Gee Square Holdings SRL incorporated in Milan, Italy

  2. March 2015

    Registered as UN-approved vendor

  3. April 2015

    Received first order for relief supplies

  4. June 2015

    Completed first supply of aid to Libya

  5. June 2015

    Recognised as Level 1 UN-approved vendor

  6. July 2015

    Recognised as a Level 2 UN - approved vendor

  7. August 2015

    Delivered relief supplies to 19 locations in an active war zone in Yemen

  8. July 2016

    Registered an office in Egypt

  9. July 2016

    Successfully supplied & delivered fishing kits to warehouses in Juba, South Sudan

  10. July 2016

    Signed highest value contract for the provision of relief supplies to date

  11. October 2016

    General Trading arm received first order for potash in New Zealand

  12. October 2016

    Received first order from EU to supply galvanized iron tube for energy saving stove chimney in Asmara

  13. November 2016

    Registered as an official vendor for International Organization for Migrants (IOM)

  14. February 2017

    Delivered and shipped relief supply for the first time in Syria