Global Supplies and Logistics Services, Relief Supplies, Engineering Supplies, General Trading

Renowned for delivering highly specialised and highly reliable services to clients worldwide, Serving international humanitarian organizations - A level 2 UN approved vendor , An engineering and construction contractor offering a wide range of services from project design to after-sales service, Global trading capabilities covering a wide range of goods

Global Traders of Supplies & Logistics

Gee Square Holding SRL is a supplies and logistics company that provides goods, services and industrial solutions to a wide range of organisations including international relief agencies and engineering companies. Gee Square has executed projects worth $10m .


Our business operates in three key areas

Relief Supplies

A vendor of emergency aid supplies to global relief agencies and international institutions including the UN, the EU and IOM

Engineering Supplies

An engineering and construction contractor offering a wide range of services, from project design to after-sales services

General Trading

General trading capabilities covering a broad range of goods including oil, gas, coal and steel


We serve clients across the globe and work closely with humanitarian organisations and independent contractors. The work that we undertake is underpinned by the following imperatives: